Attitude of Gratitude ✨Going w // the Flow There was a time in my life when I felt as though everything was going wrong. I had a hard time seeing opportunity because I was so caught up with anger and frustration and anxiety of " what the fack am I going to do now ?" Mentality. I was eager for opportunity but I was thirsty for validation for the wrong things from the wrong people ✋🏼. What shifted was my perspective👁 , what helped me was having an attitude of gratitude🙏🏼 for things in my life that have shaped me into the tenacious little fuck that I am :)🦄. I became empowered by my confidence and knowledge of self and excited for all the work progress, that prior seemed daunting and impossible . By no means is my life perfect and I definitely am not where I would like to be . But as I reflect on my life , I see how far I have come and how much farther I can go , if I always "flip the script " in my head living in the positives over the negatives and allowing myself to " go with the flow " never forcing a posture , but easing into all things to learn so much more about myself and the world around me. Through movement // yoga and Boxing I tell my story and hope to empower you to live and discover yours flipping perspective into an attitude of gratitude . Come flow vibe and sweat with me @sweatheory and @boxunionstudio soon. Want a little special peek at some of the awesome we do together I class? Check out the full video of me @sweatheory w songstress @dawnrichards At my channel . Thanks for the art//direction @vanessaborn 🔥😘✨✨✨ #marxelmadness #fitfam #fitlife

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